Plath poems are summarized.

What do these two poems, "Poppies in July" and "Poppies in October" mean?

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... lives of so many, who, by chance or design get enslaved to the deadly opium.
<br>The red petals of the poppies flutter in the breeze like flames of fire. They are so delicate, she cannot touch them, lest she cause them harm, and they never stay still, long enough to be touched for more than a fleeting spell. But yes, she does put her hands among the flowers, and though flame-like, she doesn't singe her fingers.
<br>She feels fatigued just to watch them constantly moving, flickering and fluttering tirelessly in the breeze. Their petals look like the skin of a reddened- mouth that has been just coated with blood-red lipstick. She looks at the dancing red flowers and likens them to blood red billowing skirts.
<br><br>She tells them that they carry 'fumes' she cannot touch, but they are there like deadly dynamite, in the deep portals within. She can see the petals/flames, but not the fumes of the ...