The problems of Emily Grierson in the story "A Rose to Emily"

In my English class we are reading the story "A Rose to Emily" and my teacher has asked us to find a similar problem that Emily had (mental problems, depression are the words that are similar to the problems she had).

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...s mention of a crayon drawing of her father in the house, which we would consider child-like. It is possible that she may have created this drawing as an adult, and not as a child. This may indicate to the reader that Miss Emily had a problem coming to grips with reality.
There was also discussion of a man in her life, Homer Barron. As Homer did not belong to the same social class as Emily, this raised concern among the townspeople, and they once again thought that she might be going mad. Miss Emily also purchased some rat poison. Shortly after this, Homer goes "missing". At the end of the story, we see that Miss Emily has kept Homer, after she had presumably killed him with the rat poison, in her ...