DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) Reflection

Include a self-assessment regarding learning that you believe represents your skills, knowledge, and integrative abilities to meet the pertinent DNP Essential and sub-competencies (AACN, 2006) as a result of active learning throughout this course. Be sure to use examples from selected readings, threaded discussions, and/or applications to support your assertions to address each of the following sub-competencies:
(a) "Critically analyze health policy proposals, health policies, and related issues from the perspective of consumers, nursing, other health professions, and other stakeholders in policy and public forums.
(b) Demonstrate leadership in the development and implementation of institutional, local, state, federal, and/or international health policy.
(c) Influence policy makers through active participation on committees, boards, or task forces at the institutional, local, state, regional, national, and/or international levels to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.
(d) Educate others, including policy makers at all levels, regarding nursing, health policy, and patient care outcomes.
(e) Advocate for the nursing profession within the policy and healthcare communities.
(f) Develop, evaluate, and provide leadership for healthcare policy that shapes healthcare financing, regulation, and delivery.
(g) Advocate for social justice, equity, and ethical policies within all healthcare arenas" (AACN, 2006, p. 14).

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