Family as a System of Promoting Health

How does a family work as a system in promoting the health of its members? Please include a reference

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Solution Preview social structure, where now there are children coming home from school with no adults there, in many cases or living in single parent or blended families . The concept of a 'family,' has changed over the decades but ultimately the social unit that a person lives in can be invaluable for the health of the individual and all family members at large, as a result.

Since health of a family has a genetic foundation, often the health of the individual can be a reflection of the good of the whole. Where the family has a calm environment, it helps stage a healthy resting and sleep zone. When a family has a regular physical avocation outlet, such as gardening, sports in the yard or walks in the park, the mental health and body systems bode well. Where the members have mastered skill of communication, ...