Medical Records Management

As the use of technology increases in the medical field, so does the need to protect and secure patient records, and computers. The government has created numerous rules and regulations to help ensure that everyone's private health information stays private. Medical offices, clinics, hospitals and medical workers everywhere are mandated to keep protected health information just that; protected

HIPAA was one of the first federal programs that addressed security and confidentiality. HITECH is another federal law that describes how to keep patient information secure, and also what to do in case there is a breach of patient information.

A medical manager must not only know about HIPAA and HITECH, but also the HITECH Breach Notification Rule, and how to contact a patient if their protected health information has been compromised.

Research these topics, and then discuss them, gaining an understanding of the importance of your role as a medical manager. Your position as a medical manager will involve caring for patients, which is one of the most crucial areas that you will be mandated to abide by.

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