Development of a Team is emphasized.

Suppose that you have been assigned to analyze a work team at a medical facility. The team has been working together for eight months. Relationships that were formerly strained and competitive are now functioning in a more harmonious and cohesive manner. However, the work team does not yet function in a collaborative manner.

Given the information above,

(a) Provide your best guess as to the current stage of the team building process. -Justify your opinion.

(b) Explain to a new colleague what he might expect to see in terms of team behavior by describing the typical characteristics of that stage of team building.

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Solution Preview are 4 stages of team building: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

A work team in a medical facility are currently at the third stage, norming, of team building, where they recognize the problems and are willing to resolve the issues they have. This is evident through the fact that the team has been working together for eight months, thus completing the forming stage. During the storming stage, the team created and ...