What nurses in the healthcare organization is responsible for? What does a typical day intel? How do they relay their information to head nurses and doctors.

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... tracking vital signs, performing procedures such as IV placement, phlebotomy, and administering medications.
o Because the RN is much more regular contact with patients than are physicians, the RN is usually first to notice problems or raise concerns about patient progress.
o RNs also develop the day-to-day nursing care plans both in hospital, and for care after discharge by families and visiting nurses. While there is a national component to RN training (culminating in the NCLEX licensing exam), state laws determine the formal responsibilities of the RN.
o Nonetheless, because of the relatively broad nursing job description for RNs, the particular work environment determines what the daily routine is (

LPNs and LVNs report directly to the head nurses and physicians. The Head nurse is a supervisor. They supervise nursing activities in a variety of settings. While some patient care is usually required, the nursing superviser's new duties include setting up work schedules, assigning duties to a nursing staff, and ensuring that each member of the nursing team is adequately trained. Head nurses are ultimately responsible for the performance of the nurses on their team. This means that they must ensure that nursing records are correctly maintained, that report is correctly given at each shift change, and that ...