Strategic Assessment in Health Services Organizations

Strategic Assessment in Health Services Organizations
What impacts organizational strategies for HSOs? How do health care administrators address factors that contribute to, affect, and compromise operations for HSOs?
Situational analyses assist health care administrators in determining those factors that contribute to the overall situation concerning the operation of an HSO. As examined earlier in the course, there are a variety of factors that may contribute to how health care administrators design, implement, and revise initiatives for improvement within HSOs. As you continue your examination of these factors within the context of improving performance in HSOs, consider the role of strategic assessment in addressing those factors for maximizing improvement.
For this Assignment, review Case 3, "HSO Strategic Assessment," in Chapter 9 of the text, Managing Health Services Organizations and Systems. Reflect on those factors from the general and health care environments that most greatly impact the situational analysis in the case. Then, consider how these factors might affect organizational strategies implemented in an HSO. Review the Week 4 Case Questions document in this week's Learning Resources to complete the Assignment.

1. Compile a list of situational analysis considerations that are relevant to the HSO selected.
2. Identify and describe past and present organizational strategies the HSO has implemented or is implementing
3. Discuss the context in which the HSO made strategic choices. Use the list of aspects of context:

Type of organization how the hso adapts to its external environment competitors and customers
Strategic decision style the process by which strategic alternatives are formulated and evaluated and decisions are made
Managerial philosophy continuum that ranges from opportunity maximization to cost minimization
Organizational culture and strategic manager's values of decision makers who formulate strategies are contextual variables that often affect the selection f strategies from among options.
Portfolio analysis borrowed from marketing and describes and categorizes resource producing or resource consuming services and products.
Organization life cycle refers to the stage of development of an HSO/HS
Competitive position predicated on the position. Barriers to market entry, the threat of new entrants, availability of substitute services and the HSO strength as a seller or buyer.

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