Organizational Strategic Response to the Affordable Care Act

The year is 2010 and you are a healthcare administration leader for a large health service organization (HSO) that delivers healthcare in an urban setting across a network of several hospitals, acute care centers, community clinics, and independent physician offices. The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has just been signed into law and the board has called an urgent meeting to go over the provisions of the PPACA and to determine how it might affect the HSO and associated network. After meeting for several hours, the board has pr opposed that you write a brief on the implications of the PPACA on the HSO, including outlying recommendations on what the HSO will need to do to adhere to PPACA guidelines.

For this assignment consider how the implementation of the PPACA m might affect HSOs. Think about what recommendations a healthcare administration leader might make to ensure that PPACA implementation is ensured for a HSO. Be sure to research and identify THREE peer-reviewed resources to s support your work.

(1) Describe two policy recommendations you might make for your health services organization and explain why recommendations are important for PPACA implementation.

(2) Explain what steps you might recommend as healthcare administration leader to ensure that your health services organization will address the implications of PPACA.

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