Volume to Value: Executive Brief

How might health care executives choose a value-based care model for their organization ?What would you, as a current or future health care executive , need to co insider in making this choice> Are there other leaders within your organization who would want to involve in making this decision ? Questions such as these are critical for your role as a current or future health care executive. Ensuring that your organization makes the best choice of value-based care model, while informing the board of directors and other departments, is a critical responsibility of your role. Practice in developing executive briefs that may be presented to the board of directors for a health care organization is meaningful in helping guide necessary and sufficient information to enact initiatives for health care d delivery. For this assignment, consider how you would choose a value-basedcare model for your health care organization. Reflect on those key points that you would highlight as most critical in an executive brief for the board of d directors.

Write an executive brief that you would present to the board that highlights your choice of value-based care model. Provide your rationale for choosing this model over others for your organization.

Steven be sure to include the title and website of your references . Thank you Annette

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