Adaptation to terminal illness is demonstrated.

See Attached Case Study ?Select four categories from the list:

o Age of patient
o Previous illness adaptation history
o Quality of life during palliative care
o Length/term of illness before death
o Psychological support
o Social support
o Medical support
o Financial support
o Living will/legal needs
o Family/friends' needs
o Spiritual needs

? Discuss how the four categories you selected might influence Mary's adaptation to her terminal illness. Describe whether those influences will positively or negatively contribute to the success of her adaptation

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...eceiving medical support form services of the community hospice provider, which might also positively influence her adaptation to her terminal illness. Executing her living will/legal needs will help Mary accept and better cope with her terminal illness. Moreover, defining her requirements for her death, including resuscitation decisions will ensure that her family honors her wishes. This also feeds into the category of ...