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Need help in starting off this paper regarding Disease in the News. I know that Swine Flu is the main focus in our world today. Is there a good article that is really informative?

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Some drug errors are due to names that look or sound the same. Also, drug interactions are a deadly problem, where 72 percent more prescription drugs have been purchased in the last decade. Also problematic is the combination with herbal remedies. Taken alone these supplements can be ok but different amounts for different people can have varying effects, especially when the consumption is not shared with the patient's doctor. Ginko Biloba, for example has been indicated to have a positive affect on memory but can provoke clotting and other blood problems, as well. The supplement industry is neither regulated nor widely promotes the potential harm along within the FDA regulated manufactured drug industry.

Another naïve choice consumers may make is combining otherwise innocent foods like grapefruit, apple or orange juice, while taking medication. These natural choices may provoke too ...