Mulitlevel interventions in developing health programs

What are some advantages of using mulitlevel interventions when developing community health programs over one that includes a single activity/focus? Are there any disadvantages?

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...tion range. The outcome would be a diluted ad so that other subcategory populations will find the marketing attractive, as well. Knowing that girls are not the only population that need prevention attention, the value of hitting girls early may be a good investment for the dollar. Even though tobacco companies are legally not supposed to market to youth, they likely will do it subtly anyway.

The argument comes with the need for ALL populations to receive the message about smoking cessation and to single out one group to receive the primary marketing message may not be cost effective, with limited dollars available.

According to Kelly, J. A. (1999, American Journal of Public Health)
the notion of provoking real change for addressing HIV will only come from multilevel intervention, noting it is critical in order to prevent ...