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Please help me with these 2 questions: Course is Humanities

1. How are art and culture a reflection of our changing views of nature, society and the individual? Provide TWO examples.

2.There is a saying: 'Man is the measure of all things.' Think about this and how it's prevalent in ideas and thoughts of the Renaissance. So, the discussion question is.... How is this 'humanism' reflected in Renaissance thought and art?

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...mbolize how selfish humans currently are morally and socioeconomically. Because people are dining, she might be commenting on the gluttonous nature of mankind. Any ideas?

In turns of animal's rights, she might also be commenting how we ignore and hurt animals for our selfishness. Please note how people are dining obliviously while animals are suffering. What do you think it means?

Another example comes from photography. I love the piece called "El Senator" by Manuel Alvarez Bravo. I think that it reinforces how art reflects the changing view of society as we ignore children and the family disintegrates, as seen from the lonely, ...