Leadership Styles in Law Enforcement

Are charismatic leaders more effective than other types of leaders? Why? Examine which aspects of charismatic leadership can be developed through training.

Can charismatic leaders become a detriment to the organizations that they lead? How?

Would you describe J. Edgar Hoover as a charismatic or transformational? Why?

Would you describe August Vollmer as a charismatic or transformational leader? Why?

Which characteristics of General Patton's leadership style work for criminal justice leadership? Which do not?

Is the field of criminal justice different with regard to the needs, or lack thereof, of charisma in leadership? Why or why not? Examine with reference to the necessity in criminal justice for adhering to legal procedures, laws, and regulations that do not permit the same degree of freedom as available in a private business environment.

Which type of leadership style is most suitable for the demands of the criminal justice environment? Why?
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