Roosevelt and the New Deal Programs

I need help understanding this assignment. I have read it over many times, but I need someone to explain it to me in their own words.

The assignment is as follows:
Investigate some of the New Deal programs that FD Roosevelt instituted. Select one of these programs that you think would be effective today. Explain how and why the government should implement the program. Anticipate your opponents arguments about constitutionality and defend the policy's legality.

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...the world is not currently facing an economic situation like the Great Depression, a program like the CCC would still be useful today. Particularly in the larger cities, there are thousands of impoverished people who face the daily problems of crime, drug use, prostitution and other social ills. Taking impoverished people away from the dangers of urban life, giving them good food and shelter and putting them to work would give them a sense of self worth. ...