Understanding Weaknesses of the Uniform Crime Reporting Program

I'm looking for help with the below assignment and I definitely need another perspective. I'm stuck at around 1900 words and I need around 600 more to meet the requirement. If you could answer the questions below in approximately 500-750 words I would really appreciate it, and at least one source would help because I only currently have one good one. Thanks!

The FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program produces a great deal of information every year and provides a picture of crime in the United States. Provide an explanation of the UCR and comment on its accuracy, as well as your thoughts on how it could be enhanced. What is the participation like among police departments? What other reports contribute to the UCR? How can reporting be improved so that we have a more realistic picture of crime? What is the "dark figure of crime?"

Be sure to cite your sources in APA format. Your paper should be 2500 to 2750 words in length, not including references.

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