US History from WWII to Present.

Assignment Completion Request. Please see attached for information. This is time sensitive and I will need it by noon (EST) on January 27th, or sooner. If you cannot meet the deadline, please do not offer. Thank you in advance.

Request: Answer each question with approximately 325 words and citations (Chicago format if possible), please.

Question 1. What was Kennedy's New Frontier? How did it compare to the Square Deal, the New Deal, and the Fair Deal? How did Kennedy merge domestic and foreign affairs in the New Frontier, when prior presidents tended to separate domestic issues ("deals") and international issues ("doctrines"). Finally, measure the success of the New Frontier.

Question 2. What was the Great Society? What was LBJ's vision for the nation under a Great Society? What were the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Great Society? Was it a success or a failure?

Question 3. What were the causes and consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis? How close to the brink were the US and USSR? What is the status of the Cuba and US relationship today?

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