Cultural variables that arise due to communication channels

Communication in organizations varies according to where and how it originates, the channels, the speed at which it flows, and whether it is formal or informal. Discuss some of the cultural variables that arise due to communcation channels. Please help me with information to write an essay. Pleas...

Technology and the economic development gap

Do you think technology will widen the economic development gap between rich and poor countries? Why or why not? Is there a way for developing countries to use such technologies as tools for economic development?

Edward T. Hall and Non-Verbal Communication

The study of non-verbal communication is very essential, especially since it makes up the majority of our communication with others. It is more of what we do, rather than what we say. In many instances our verbal and non-verbal behaviour is inconsistent. When this happens, we create barriers to comm...

Discussion on Intercultural Communication

Hi, I need assistance getting started on the following topic: Examine the study of intercultural communication and demonstrate how and why it is useful. What are the ideas of the leading thinker on the subject, Edward, T. Hall. Break up culture into two categories: high context and low context. Ana...

International Negotiation and Relationship Building

1. Provide at least two popular definitions of negotiation and relationship building. 2. Analyze and explain some of the social and economic consequences of not concentrating on negotiation and relationship building. 3. Explain the important indicators of being sensitive to negotiation and...

Workplace democracy is an issue which we tend to ignore or throw under the carpet, until it really affetcs us personally. However, this issue of workplace democracy is critical to address in order that we ensure safe and secure working conditions which eventually leads to additional progress and contentment.

Workplace democracy is very essential especially in the context of the dictatorial conditions under which certain people work. People have been and are currently forced to work under a high degree of subjection and speechlessness. This type of stifling is insufferable at the level of citizenship and...

Implemenation of Sustainable Development

One of the most salient issues facing our world today is the necessity of sustainable living. We hear of the concept sustainable development all the time, but what are we doing to ensure that sustainable practices are implemented in our various countries? Do we understand the term or know what it en...

Maturing of Social Networking

You are asked the following question: The online social networking industry is growing right now, but eventually demand will level out and the industry will start to mature; how would the maturation of the industry worldwide impact your business strategy?

International management..

This solution provides the learner with an understanding of contract in international management. Additionally this solution explores the role of a manager in the international environment and decribes what steps a manager must take to ensure a valid and enforceable contract?

The role of IS within a corporate environment

This solution provides the learner with an understanding of the role of Information Systems within a company and how the role various from country to country in the globalized environment.

Managing Interdependence in the Global Arena

This solution describes the term managing interdependence in the global arena and explains how the profitability of individual companies depends on cooperation towards global interdependence.

Largest Impact of Technology

Technology and the changes it brings can have a very big effect on our lives. Which technological change has had the largest effect on life in this country? Why?

Identify the cultural (including religion, ethical business behavior, social responsibility, language, etc.), political, economic, legal and technological issues of marketing wheelchairs in developing countries.

As the VP of International Sales, you are responsible not only for sales but also for sales strategy. Prepare a preliminary report to the CEO identifying which three countries you think would most likely be interested in The Company's mobility product ( like wheelchairs) and state why you think thes...