Central Principles of Restorative Justice

Give a full descriptive details for these two discussion.

Briefly describe the three central principles of restorative justice, two common approaches to achieving restorative justice, and the two key components of the restorative justice process. Then, describe the three problems restorative justice advocates need to address. Summarize what evaluations of restorative justice strategies reveal about their effectiveness, as well as four primary limits of restorative justice.

Discussion #7

The hegemony of Martinson's "nothing works" has been challenged by narrative/qualitative studies that evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation. Drawing from findings from meta-analyses, what do the following reveal about the effectiveness of rehabilitation: (1) overall effect size and (2) the heterogeneity of effect sizes. Describe the four rehabilitation-based interventions that don't work and why. Describe the principles of effective treatment.

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