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Your job as a high-tech crime investigator for a large U.S. university employing more than 10,000 faculty and staff with 60,000 enrolled students requires you to investigate and issue incidents of the Nigerian scam occurring on campus, and to file a report with the appropriate law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Nigeria. In the past 24 hours, your campus has been deluged with mails, which have eluded all campus server filters. You need to ask people to report whether they have sent money or responded to the mails. The information technology (IT) department already has the statistics on the number of mails that got through.

Compose an e-mail message (500-600 words) to send to all e-mail addresses in the campus directory, explaining the scam and directing all students and employees to take the necessary remedial and precautionary measures. Address the following questions in your e-mail:

What can people do if they have received these scam messages?
What steps are you taking to report the scam activity to the appropriate law enforcement agencies? Explain the procedures that are required to report the scam to the U.S. and Nigerian governments.
Use Microsoft Word to write your e-mail message. In addition, include a subject line for your e-mail.

For country-specific information on how to report incidents of the Nigerian scam, visit:

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...of this fraud are very creative and virtually endless, so do not consider the above as an all-inclusive list. The rule of thumb is that if you are solicited by an unknown source from Nigeria or another African nation, you are advised to, under no circumstances, reply, forward or action any of the requests outline in such solicitation. To protect yourself and others, it is crucial that you notify the university authorities of the scam, and than delete it from your inbox. You should:

1. NEVER pay anything up front for ANY reason.
2. NEVER extend credit for ANY reason.
3. NEVER do ANYTHING until their check clears.
4. NEVER expect ANY help from the Nigerian Government.
5. NEVER rely on YOUR Government to bail you out.

If you have received such email, please contact the university high-tech crime investigators, by forwarding the solicitation you ...