Identity crime is considered.

1) My question is "Is bail a racist concept"? Where can i find case law and doctrines to support my argument. Yes or No

2) In cases that involve identity theft, the criminal justice system protects the people but respects the rights of the accused. If a person steals another person's identity but does not cause any monetary damage, has a crime been committed?

Would like an opinion websites to find the federal laws and the laws in a state that apply to this matter.

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...ay be by death, in which cases it shall not be admitted but by the supreme or a circuit court, or by a justice of the supreme court, or a judge of a district court, who shall exercise their discretion therein."
Bail Reform Act of 1966 states that a non-capital defendant is to be released, pending trial, on his personal recognizance or on personal bond, unless the judicial officer determines that such incentives will not adequately assure his appearance at trial. Individuals charged with a capital crime, or who have been convicted and are awaiting sentencing or appeal, are to be released unless the judicial officer has reason to believe that no conditions will reasonably assure that the person will not flee or pose a danger. In non-capital cases, the Act does not permit a judge to consider a suspect's danger to the community, only in capital cases or after conviction is the judge authorized to do so.
United States Code, Title 18, Sections 3141-3150 provides that only persons who fit into certain categories are subject to detention without bail: persons charged with a crime of violence, an offense for which the maximum sentence is life imprisonment or death, certain drug offenses for which the maximum offense is greater than 10 years, repeat felony offenders, or if the defendant poses a serious risk of flight, obstruction of justice, or witness tampering.
Nowhere in the The Judiciary Act of 1789, Bail Reform Act of 1966 or the current United States Code, Title 18, Sections 3141-3150, was I able to find racist connotations to bail. All the legal concepts around the bail and the accused are written in a very general concept that is applicable to everyone, hence the idea that everyone is equal before the law.

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