Restorative Services Strengths of Systems

The commissioner, Jonathon Samuels, wants you to detail the strengths of your system. Therefore, you need to "build on your assets."

Note: Click here to read about Kay Pranis' "Step 3: Build on Your Assets" as a guide to build on your assets.

Each community brings something positive to the table. For this assignment, you need to create a memo in a 3 page Microsoft Word document for the commissioner, which includes the following:

A detailed explanation of the importance of the aspects of your local system of justice that could be used in support of a restorative justice system.

A comparison of your system's external and internal assets, at least five of each, that will aid in building your restorative justice system.
An explanation of the potential strengths and weaknesses of using a particular component of your justice system as an asset in a restorative justice initiative.
Support your responses with examples.

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