Sociological theories to explain burglaries are mentioned.

After a few uneventful weeks, you receive a call from Sergeant Ferraday of the local police department. "We got a series of home invasions we think may be related. They are all occurring in the inner city areas that transition from downtown to residential neighborhoods. I was reading a magazine article that said a good psychologist could use sociological theories and ideas to explain crimes like these. If you could give it a try, it might really go a long way toward helping us catch the person perpetrating these crimes and prevent future offenses."

Which sociological theories might help explain why these burglaries are occurring?

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... is going through turbulent times and recessionary period which, in turn, means less earning and employment opportunities for people and thus, leading to such burglaries. Another possible explaination of burglaries for this city could be rising drop outs or single parent households which, in turn, is causing high crime rates.

Another theory that can explain increasing number of burglaries in the city is Strain theory. As per this theory, people in a low socio economic class have less ...