Addition of Radicals

Addition of radicals are treated similar to polynomials, but instead of multiples of x's and x2's, we have multiples of things that look very much like root x and root x - 2. When adding such expressions together, no arithmetic can be done underneath the radical. However, like radicals can be combined

Question 1)

-7 root of (2r-1) + 3 root of (2r-1)

=(-7+3) *root of (2r-1)

=-4 root of (2r-1)
Question 2)

8 root of (3y-2) + 2 root of (3y-2)

=(8+2) *root of (3y-2)

=10 root of (3y-2)

I believe you are on the right track but you didn't quite say what it means for use to have like radicals.
What parts of the radical must be the same in order for us to have like radicals? Do the coefficients need to be the same?

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