Graphing Equation Transformation

Plot f(x)=3(x-7)^2+5 using transformations. Track the points (0,0)(1,1) and (-1,1) from the reference equation (graph) to their final position.

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...rearranging the afore-stated equation, x = z + 7. (Figure 1, (b))
f(x) = 3*f(z) increases the slope of the graph, or the steepness of the parabola, because each value for f(x) is 3 times greater than f(z). (Figure 1, (c))
f(x) = f(z) + 5 shifts the graph 5 upwards, because each value for f(x) is 5 greater than f(z). (Figure 1, (d))
The reason for applying the transformations in this order is the order in which ...