Absolute Maximum and Minimum of a Given Function

Find the absolute maximum and absolute minimum values of f on the given interval.

F(x) = sqrt(9-x^2) [-1, 2]

or in other words:

F(x) equals the square root of (9 minus x squared).

The problem is also attached in MS word.

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...ical points: Where is F'(x) undefined or equal to zero?
Well if 9=x^2 = > x = +3,-3 then F'(x) has a division by zero which mean it is undefined. But the interval we are interested in is from [-1,2] so we can ignore the points +3,-3.

Next, where is F'(x) = 0?
Well since sqrt(9-x^2) is always positive for x in [-1,2] we can just look at where the numerator is zero. So, the only critical point is x = 0. Is ...