Ratios and proportions..

What are ratios and proportions?

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...s for every two cats.

Now given a ratio, you can perform different calculations. If someone tells you that the ratio of cats to dogs is 3/7 and that there are 21 dogs, you can figure out the number of cats. Let c be the number of cat, then you can do the following equation:

The ratio is c/21 and we know that this is 3/7. Then,
c/21 = 3/7
c = 21*(3/7)
c = 9
The total number of cats is 9.

The same ratio can be written in different forms, for instance 40:40, 100:100 and 1:1 all represent the same ratio. You can see this by simplifying the fractions that they represent. Generally, ratios are given in their ...