Minimum-length cabling to connect computer-screen information

The management of a zoo wishes to place a computer-screen information system at the Entrance (E), and all the enclosures like the Tigers' enclosure (T), the Wolves' enclosure (W), the Lions' enclosure (L) and so on. These need to be connected to the main computer at the Entrance. For obvious reasons, the cables must run along the roads. Find the minimum-length cabling.

The length of each road (in meters) is given in the table below.

Road | Length
EL | 170
EP | 350
EG | 240
LW | 530
LT | 290
LP | 330
GP | 240
GW | 600
TW | 250
TP | 220
PW | 240

Consider that the cabling between computer-screen information system and main computer at the entrance is negligible.

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