Fourier Analysis Relationship Between Spectral Components

(a) Explain the relationship between the spectral components indicated above and the corresponding graph showing the motion of the surface of the motor plotted as a function of time. What do they represent?

(b) Given the amplitudes indicated in the above diagram, copy and complete the table below for the amplitude of the vibration in the time domain. Sketch the result of your reconstructed waveform in the period 0 < t < 0.1 ms, assuming
f0 = 5000 Hz.

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...h tells you how this sinusoidals lag or lead with respect to the reference cero phase frequency component. These are graphs of functions in frequency (w). So that your amplitude spectrum:

Is telling you that you have four (04) components with frequency number n = 1, 3, 5, and 7.

Now we live in a digital world. This means that whatever signal we look at, really is a sample version of a continuous one. That is you are supposed to have a sampling rate. All spectral signal analyzer do this. So even though you are looking at a continuous wave shape, it is really a sample version reconstructed to your eye. In any case the discrete ...