Trigonometry and Heart Rates

Digging up the street. A contractor wants to install a pipeline connecting point A with point C on opposite sides of a road. To save money, the contractor has decided to lay the pipe to point B and then under the road to point C. Find the measure of the angle marked x in the figure for exercise #120 on page 161.

"For a cardiovascular work out, fitness experts recommend that you reach your target heart rate and stay at that rate for at least 20 minutes (Cycling, Burkett and Darst). To find your target heart rate, find the sum of your age. Ages are 28, 23, and 60 and your resting heart rate which is 86, 77 and 80 then subtract that sum from 220. Find 60% of that result and add it to your resting heart rate." Find the target heart rate for each team member.

Find both
A. the average resting heart rate for the team and
B. and C. the team target heart rate using two methods
Find the team target heart rate using 2 methods; average the resting heart rates and ages and put it in the formula, and average the individual target heart rates.
D. Are the rates about the same?
E. Why or why not?

See attached file for full problem description.

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