What is the relationship between anarchy and democracy?

In the popular press, the concept of anarchy has been transmogrified into stereotypical civil disobedience, lawlessness and violence. Yet there are cogent reasons - and a substantial body of literature - characterizing anarchy as the sine qua non of moral and economic well-being.

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...f individual or local self-reliance.

This may seem an obscure quibble, since there is now scarcely any way to conceive of human affairs wherein such 'accommodations' would not be beneficent. The reason it is worth mentioning is that we have drifted into foppish complacency: We think representative democracy is perfect in principle, and that it is perfectible in practice as well. Indeed, western nations are in agreement that they have perfected the democratic process, barring occasional instances of corruption.

If we could be rid of this conceit, we might recognize that democracy can never be better than tawdry second best. The fact that it is well ahead of authoritarianism, fascism and other forms of 'top down' control, should not confuse us. The best government is the least government ... and the issue of whether this 'best least' is democratically conceived and articulated must not exhaust our political agenda.

Fortunately, Canada possesses its own vigorous ...