Riesman's Model of Civilzations: Discussing Human Societies

In The Lonely Crowd, David Riesman offered a tripartite model of civilizations - inner, outer and other-directed. North America provides an interesting, and alarming, study of human malleability.Provide a characteriological model of persons and societies using his work.

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...d well-behaved, trained to hold up their hands and empty their pockets when passing through airport security or entering City Hall.

These 50 year apart observations mean that the incidence of autonomous behaviour has declined. This is astonishing and instructive, given that Americans profess to cherish freedom and independence. Without doubt, the shift occurred because corporations' economic and political agendas required reliable workers and predictable consumers. This corresponding characteriological shift is evidence of the ineffectuality of projects, wishes and hopes that do not include 'application methodologies'. Equally importantly, the simultaneous diminution ...