Spotting Fallacies: Article Study

Step 1: Find one example of a fallacy. Choose one of the articles below.

What's the Difference Between Terry and Terri? By Terence Jeffrey
The Organic Difference by Zazel Lovén
The Science of Satire by Mahzarin Banaji
Arrest Everybody by Jacob Sullum
Why Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense by Joe Klein

Step 2: Identify the specific type of fallacy you found in the article.
Label the fallacy as a slippery slope, questionable cause, equivocation, etc. It's possible that you may find more than one fallacy. Please explain why you labeled the fallacy/fallacies the way you did. This will require that you briefly summarize the actual argument that contains the fallacy.

Step 3: Briefly explain why you think the fallacies you discovered were committed.
Explain why this type of fallacy is included in the argument. Do you think it was intentional or unintentional?

Your paper should be approximately 1 typed page in length (3-5 paragraphs). Look at the sample paper before beginning.

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