Working with propositional reasoning.

Please Help. I ned assistance to tackle the following problem using logic:

Consider the problem below. Answer the question given after the description of the problem. Write out a model of the logical structure of your reasoning, the logical structure of your premises, and your answer.

You are helping Trinity pick her classes for next semester. Trinity asks you about taking International Business Polices, BUINB489. You determine the following facts: Trinity can take BUINB489 if and only if she has taken either ECON210 or BUMGT304. Trinity has not taken ECON210, but Trinity has taken BUMGT304. Can trinity take BUINB489?

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...she has taken either ECOND210 or BUMGT304,"
We have an additional set of information.

Trinity has not taken ECON210, but she has taken BUMGT304.

The statement, "Trinity has not taken ECON210," is symbolized as follows:

The two statements above are complete on their own, ...