Buddhism and Suffering

So the Buddha said that all life is suffering. Does this mean we are miserable all the time? How does he explain our moments of joy? I'm not clear on that. If not—if we are sometimes happy—then how can he say that "all life is suffering?" Please help me understand this.

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...g woman obsessed over Ryan Gosling (there are plenty of people with this attachment). She may seem happy about everything Mr. Gosling does, says, thinks, etc. However, eventually she will be disappointed; Mr. Gosling will do, say, or think something that cannot be what our dear young woman wants or expects of him. This will result in her disappointment, or suffering.

One may ask (as you rightly do), "What of all the times she was happy with Mr. Gosling? Clearly this was not a time of suffering." And yet Buddhism would ask in response, "At what time was ...