Epistemological Perspective

This is a question in preparation for my dissertation:

What is knowledge? How is knowledge acquired? How do we know what we know? Is it possible to have knowledge at all?

In what ways does the choice of an epistemological perspective or stance influence the formulation of a management research problem?

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...e, reading books, taking courses, or learning a new process at work. Knowledge can be acquired numerous ways. For research purposes, we have to be clear as to what we are seeking to learn and why this is important. Organizations desire to acquire or develop new knowledge to remain innovative and viable. Organizations make acquire knowledge from outside sources or through development within the organization.

How do we know what we know?

This is a much more difficult question for me to answer. How do we know what we know? First, I would suppose that we know what we know because have justified the knowledge to be true. For me, this involves an individual ?leap of faith?. I know what I know because I believe the knowledge that I have obtained or gained through experience to be valid and justifiable. For instance, I believe that leadership is a relationship bound by social and situational constraints. How do I really know this? I know this through study, books, other individuals, and my personal and professional experience. The most critical aspect here is, based on my own personal schema, I believe that my knowledge of leadership makes the statement true. Epistemology is concerned with the nature and extent of human knowledge and, I think, this is what drives us to ask this question about how ?do we know what we know??.

Is it possible to have knowledge at all?

Well, if I did not believe that knowledge was possible, and desirable, I would not have wasted my time with education and a professional trajectory. If it wasn?t possible to have knowledge, then research and countless other things in life would be useless. Of course, it is possible to ...