Plato's Allegory compared to Aristotle's world view and the parallel with christian thought.

A discussion of Plato's understanding of rationalism and human knowing and how his Allegory of the Cave depicts this understanding and parallels Christian thought. A comparison of Aristotle's and Plato's worldviews based on the understanding of rationalism and human knowing and the cave allegory.

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... voices of the people are echoed back to the prisoners. The prisoners only ever perceive these shadows and echoes, this would be their reality. If the prisoners were to become feed, they would be bewildered, and uncomprehending. We can understand the allegory by understanding that we, as human beings, are imprisoned by our own bodies and that our direct experience is not of reality, but of what is in out minds.

Plato saw that total reality was divided into two realms; the visible world as presented to us by our senses- Everything in this world comes into existence and passes away, everything is imperfect. Space and time is the only world that our human sensory apparatus can apprehend. But there exists another realm, not in space ...