Pre-Socratic philosophers are summarized.

Please assist with the following:

Based on Aristotle's science of the first philosophy, analyze how Aristotle's metaphysics may guide contemporary people to knowledge about the world.

Briefly evaluate how you use either or both of the methods in your own life.

Briefly explain how Plato and Aristotle built on pre-Socratic philosophy.

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...eing. He uses the example of a Bronze statue of Pericles. You can replace the bits of bronze, but as long as the form of the statute remains constant, its identity remains constant-it is still a statue of Pericles. If you melt it down and turn the bronze into coins, the form changes, and it then loses its identity as a statue of Pericles.

Practical applications of Aristotle's ideas would tend to work in two directions; Aristotle's approach can help you differentiate between essential and non-essential elements of a thing, and it can help you in classifying things in various categories. In order to answer this properly, you would have to provide examples of differentiating between essential and non-essential elements of a thing or a being.

Question 1, assuming how he sets up his arguments is your guide:

Aristotle comes to his conclusions about the nature of substance and form by considering the positions of other philosophers, accepting and rejecting certain arguments while showing why he accepts or rejects them. He then presents several possible approaches to the problem, finally coming up with he thinks is the best argument for his positions,

Of course we can easily be guided by this methodology-in contemporary terms it is an approach that seeks to first understand the area of inquiry, classify the arguments for a position, evaluate the arguments and finally come up with the best answer you can from the data at hand. You would need to illustrate this with ...