Self transformation is contemplated.

Futher explanation on self transformation and the
the loss of ego/self in todays society. To me it
seems quite difficult a task.

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...ssuming that it can affect it. The ego can be viewed as entirely malleable, whereby it is shaped by external events and is unaffected by the will of the self. In contrast, it can be viewed as a struggle of that will with external factors.
<br><br>If the ego is not directed by the self, it is easy to see how the influences of the modern world can shape it utterly. The ego is innundated with information about how it ought to be from the media and the structure of modern life. It is easy to see how one could be entirely formed by these external forces, which would determine reactions to events, likes and dislikes, and selection of passtimes.
<br><br>I think that it is unlikely that the ego is not at all controlled by the will. I think that there are differing degrees of struggle with the external environment that shapes the ego. To the extent that one's will is intact and reacts as an individual to ...