Short discussion of whether and in what sense is simultaneous causation possible.

Is simultaneous causation possible, actual, or impossible?

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...with it.

Examples of simultaneous symmetric causation:

- we can imagine a universe that exists for only an instant, and containing a number of planets that orbit around a star. According to Newtonian physics, we can consider that the motion of the palnets is caused by the gravitational force exercised by each planet on each other planet: here, we have simultaneity, because the universe exists for only an instant of time, and symmetric causation, because each planets gravitational field is responsible for the other planets motion.

The argument against the actuality of simultaneous asymmetric causation

Our first set of examples -the ball and the locomotive- are meant to show that simultaneous causation is actual, that is, happens in our world. One argument against this is based on the idea that that such a relation would have to involve a case of an absolutely rigid rod, which is physically impossible.

Let us explain the idea briefly, using our locomotive example. First, it is clear that there is a distance between the two pairs of wheels, that ...