The myth of Sisyphus: How can Existentialist Experience be explained?

I am reading the Myth of Sisyphus and on page 53 , Albert Camus maintains that "[life] will be lived all the better if it has no meaning". Explain what you think Camus means by this claim by discussing it in light of relevant aspects of his broader philosophy.

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...ilosophical problem. He reflects on the fact that life is meaningless. One only lives, suffers and then dies. If this life is so meaningless, what is the essence of living it? Shouldn't committing suicide be an option of escape? Nevertheless, he doesn't support this idea.
The second one is the philosophical suicide. This philosophical suicide is caused by inner tensions lived by philosophers in their attempt to reduce the world to a rational principle. Thus creating an absurdity which does not reside in the world itself nor in the human thought but in the manner in which the philosopher reasons. This tension does not resolve the problem of absurdity, therefore he criticizes it.
The third one is the state of acceptance and living with the absurdity. Since absurdity is unavoidable, the only solution is to embrace it with courage. This is where Sisyphus comes in as an example and a teacher of mankind. It is really intriguing that he used a mythical character to explain and sustain his reflections on serious issues. Sisyphus is condemned to ...