Tolstoy and Descartes: Illych's Dualism

I have to write a report and this is the last section. I need 3-4 paragraphs for this section and I have only 2. I wrote about the obvious.. that Ivan was questioning the meaning of life because he lived so well yet was miserable, and lived for himself which in the end he understood that was not living.
Can someone help with any more information about what philosophical question the book addresses and how?
(Obviously most of these books can address multiple questions) I just can't come up with anything else and need 2 more paragraphs.

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...umanity's existence lay in the irreducible, individual spirit, rather than the more direct outward expression represented to us by the physical senses.

The problem is that literature is not entirely a solid form of logical argument, and there are, inevitably, several problems with Cartesian Dualism that physicalists address. For one, Descartes has serious flaws that physicalists tend to jump upon. His inevitable distinction between the material and the mind leads one to question how the distinction came to be made.

If, for example, he realizes he can distrust his senses, how would be able to trust his sense of the mind? Anything he can sense at all must be distrusted, including that sense which leads him to realize ...