Using a Philosophical Mindset

I've learned today about a Philosophical Mindset which is:

PHILOSOPHICAL MINDSET: An attitude or approach to life that involves the critical examination of beliefs to ascertain what they mean, if they are true, and what value they have.

I have to elaborate using a philosophical mindset on the following chosen sentence:

The more we understand life, the more meaningful it becomes and ultimately the more we enjoy it.

I am having trouble with this and need some ideas to help me understand better. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Solution Preview

...ou gave suggests, you are talking about an attitude or approach that you have accepted. It is not necessary, therefore, for you to go out on a limb and create a flawless philosophical system. With that in mind, allow me to assist you with two suggestions on how I would approach writing this method.

1. The better I understand what it means to be human, the more I appreciate human life. We are so busy with our daily activities that we enclose within our own little worlds. We forget others who feel, think, experience, and so forth just like me. When I recognize the beauty of the human condition, so wonderful yet ...