What are the issues that metaphysics deals with?

The branch of the philosophy tree that deals with the issues of the nature of being and existence is Metaphysics.

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...argue the nature of reality by a priori reasoning, meaning that reason comes before experience. Empiricist metaphysics, conversely, argues that the senses are the primary source of knowledge about the world and therefore knowledge of the nature of realty is through experience or a posteriori.

The early modern period of philosophy focused on the metaphysical questions. The rationalists tried to explain the nature of reality with a technique of pure reason. Leibniz argued in "Monadology" that there was a plurality of non-interacting substances. Descartes offered a theory of the dualism between material and mental substances and Spinoza argued that reality was a single substance of God-or-nature.

British empiricism was, on the other hand, a reaction to ...