An enumeration of the charges against Socrates and a brief account of the problems with those charges according to Apology and Crito by Socrates.

Explain why it is, according to Socrates' reasoning (as presented in both the Apology and the Crito) that as a good man he is constrained to accept the outcome of his trial which leads to his execution.

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Solution Preview which he holds Athenian civilization. Were he to reject the very court in which he had the opportunity to exculpate himself, then he would be rejecting the very concept of Athenian democracy he holds so dear.

Socrates is accused of impiety, atheism, and corrupting the youth. For his part, Socrates successfully argues against the charges - the first two being contradictory, so he can't be guilty of both, and the last one resulting in a contradiction which proves he does not corrupt the youth.

In his defense, Socrates appeals not only to reason as his guide to ...