Letter to E. Beckerr

This is the question again.
---Who are you? Is there more to this fleshy casing? What makes you who you are?
Write a 5 page letter to Ernest Becker explaining who you think you are.
---Use at least three quotes from the photocopied chapter "The Inner World" from his book The Birth and Death of Meaning.

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...words, and images, in the air, in the mind, on paper." (Denial of Death, 3). These symbols are found in society. Becker writes of an "inner newsreel" that people continually run on themselves, and which passes in review the symbols that give self-esteem. "Everyone runs the inner newsreel, even if it does not record the same symbolic events. Always it passes in review the peculiar symbols of one's choice that give him a warm feeling about himself. . . . AD day long we pass these images in review, and most of us even in our sleep." (Birth and Death, 69) The newsreel metaphor is our innate tendency to self-reflection, and our attempt to balance the negative with the positive so that we can produce for ourselves a good self-image.

So, the social-cultural context is the one in which the self is identified and developed. But isn't there a self prior ...