What does thinking about the fact of existentialism - 'reflecting upon reflecting' - tell us ?

Suppose predictions of cosmologists come true and the universe will one day collapse into a primordial atom - perhaps as a precursor to another 'big bang' - and every remnant of causality is obliterated. Alternatively - since some now believe the universe to be accelerating outwards due to the repulsive character of the 'dark force' - substance may eventually be spread so thin that no life-supporting organization remains possible (echoing the fate foretold by the second law of thermodynamics). What sense could then be made of life, that does not collapse into mewling after intervention - divine or otherwise?

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...to keep the 'existential ball' rolling. If this seems tediously abstract, there are straightforward ramifications. Since the process that made angst possible proceeded by selection (and, admittedly, such contingencies as comets smashing into the planet), the excellence of winners has a great deal to do with the number and quality of contestants. This is why modern machinations are so dubious. With specialization and technologically-abetted distractions increasing, the majority are progressively incompetent about most things - even as each lends a singularly sharpened tool to corporations and nations. Ex hypothesis, specialized populations are unable to meaningfully monitor the processes of which they are constitutive. This has ...