Determining final velocity using initial velocity and displacements

A 5 kg bowling ball is rolled back to the bowler over a ramp system. If the ball is given an initial velocity of 0.6 m/s at its starting point's height which is 100 cm, what is the balls velocity at its ending point at 40 cm, after going over a height of 45cm first? So the ball leaves the first position goes through a dip up to 45 cm and ends at 40 cm.

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...n in space, 100 cm above the ground. Let's use meters as our units so that our energies come out in Joules.

Potential energy (P) = mass * height * gravitation

P = mgh
P = 5*9.8*1

The ball also has some kinetic energy
(K) = 0.5*mass*speed^2
K = 0.5mv^2
K = 0.5*5*(0.6^2)

Now, if this is a conservative system (if there is no friction or air resistance, etc) then the total energy will be the same at the beginning and end of the ball's journey. ...