Understanding momentum, impulse and forces in the sport of soccer.

1. Identify and explain propulsive and breaking forces in soccer?

2. Provide three examples where momentum influences soccer?

3. In soccer, outline how impulse can be increased.

These questions are for a post-grad degree in elite sports coaching - (biomechanics module)

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...joints used to produce velocity of the head, and may include the legs, trunk, arms and shoulders. When a soccer player jumps, he retains the amount of motion he had at takeoff until gravity slows down his velocity. At impact with the soccer ball, the momentum of the head depends on the momentum at takeoff, and the height at which contact occurs. If the ball is contacted at the instant of leaving the ground, the body will have most of the velocity at takeoff. If the ball is contacted at the top of the jump, the vertical velocity of the body is close to zero, so velocity will have to be generated by the trunk muscles.
2 Kicking a soccer ball: Momentum is important in kicking a soccer ball. The velocities produced by the top professional players reaches the speed of 32-35 m/s. The velocity imparted to the soccer ball is through change in momentum of the kicking foot. The momentum of the kicking foot and leg is the product of the mass of the leg and the velocity of the foot at impact, plus the velocity of the body as the player approaches the ball. The ...